Whether you like working behind a computer, troubleshooting and solving IT challenges, or prefer to work face to face (or voice to voice) there’s a place for you at Absolute Computer Systems. Apply today to become part of a team that cares about customers and helping them find solutions each and every day.

Applicants ideally should be willing to:

  • Practice integrity because honesty and trust are the cornerstone of our business.
  • Take on challenges with enthusiasm and optimism believing that virtually every problem can be solved with a little creativity and patience.
  • Be honest and candid to promote the discussion of new ideas, encourage fast action, and engage others in conversation.
  • Formulate creative, compelling and logical methods or strategies that outshine our competitors and differentiate us from them.
  • Fit in with our company culture and values, those being serving customers and taking the extra steps to ensure happy customers.
  • Undertake tasks with ambition and tenacity; always looking for better solutions and achieving positive outcomes.
  • Be competent in the work you are employed to do without the need to be micromanaged.
  • Work as a team understanding that everyone has special skills and talents and collectively we make for a winning combination.

If this sounds like you, then apply today.