Artificial Intelligence (AI) no longer belongs in the science fiction section. Instead, businesses worldwide are discovering new ways to use AI to increase engagement and enhance the customer experience.

Over the next five years, 85 percent of consumer relationships with companies will be handled without the interaction of a human being. She is underscoring the trend toward Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customer service.

Customer service is your best defense if the customer experience is the new battlefield. The results of this have already begun to show. According to Gartner, over the past four years, AI in business has increased by 270 percent.

We aren’t just following a fad here. Instead, artificial intelligence will revolutionize the customer experience.

What are the benefits of AI for small business owners?

Smaller companies that utilize AI can better serve their clientele’s unique needs. Businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and retail shops will use AI to be much more customer-centric and offer more data-driven, targeted marketing campaigns such as “people-based” marketing.

As small businesses integrate AI into their operational processes and workflows, their employees will focus on more critical and creative tasks, thus becoming more productive.

By spending less time on mundane tasks or managing human errors, business owners can grow and concentrate on other essential aspects of their business they may have previously ignored.

Accurate and personalized recommendations

According to Instapaper, 78% of internet shoppers believe that relevant content increases their purchasing power. By using artificial intelligence, businesses enhance their ability to provide accurate and efficient recommendations.

By using raw data, artificial intelligence can predict and prescribe customer engagement patterns through predictive analytics. Among the uses of AI is defining and creating a journey around CX. More upsells and cross-sells will be possible if the recommendations are better.

Efficient and Friendly Service

Small businesses across the globe are leveling up their support game thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

AI-driven customer service is most commonly accomplished with chatbots. These bots are conversational software agents that simulate online interaction with customers.

With these AI-driven chat specialists, customers can ask questions and get recommendations, answers to questions, or the outcome they need quickly on their own. These bots can even help process returns, promote products, and collect customer feedback.

Plus, using AI-based customer service improves the customer experience, cost-savings, and conversions.

Enhanced Administrative Efficiency

Another way small business owners use AI technologies is to automate repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks of day-to-day business. For example, you can easily automate tasks like timesheets, billing paperwork, and scheduling with AI. In addition, AI can assist you in producing reports, analyzing historical data, learning results in real-time, and applying the information to helpful news and resources.

Enhancing Customer Support

Even when business hours have closed, customers still want the ability to receive support. But having live personnel available 24/7 is not always possible for every business. This is where Artificial intelligence can help.

Customer questions can be answered by engaging in real-time interactions.

The accuracy of automated phone bots and predictive analytics provides customers with tools for making intelligent decisions. For example, companies can identify the root causes of customer complaints and provide quick resolutions using artificial intelligence.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data have paved the way for a new decision-making metric. However, the notion that guts, feelings, and intuition are not enough to make significant business decisions is already evident. Instead, making decisions based on data rather than speculation is better.

AI boosts businesses’ decision-making processes, whether reviewing products or responding to customer service questions. Decision-making processes in just about every industry are benefiting because of AI technology.


More companies are focusing on improving their customer experience to gain customer loyalty and trust. Artificial Intelligence offers a wide range of customer opportunities by creating a customer journey map, speeding up transactions, and simplifying customer interactions. This process results in a better customer experience at a lower cost. Perhaps you should if you haven’t considered using AI for your own business.

Want to learn more about how AI can help your business grow? Talk to an expert who can help you get set up with the right AI.