Four Ways to Protect Your Business WI-FI Connection

If you are a local business owner, it is essential to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection in your workplace is secure. Absolute Computer Systems offers a free, no-obligation network inspection to help you protect against malicious hackers and cyber threats. Here are four key steps that should be taken (and yes, we do offer them, but whether you choose to work with us or not, they need to happen):

Install a commercial Grade Firewall

Encrypting data with WPA3 (or at the very least WPA2) protocol

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Regularly update security software and firmware

Disable Guest Access ( yes, I know I said four. Consider this an important afterthought!)

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Install A Commercial Grade Router with A Firewall

As a local business owner, you know the importance of having a secure Wi-Fi network for your business operations. To ensure that your network is as safe as it can be from ne'er-do-wells (admit it - you were NOT expecting to read that word today!), ACS recommends connecting your network to the internet through a commercial-grade (so not from office max) router with a firewall. ( The configuration would be from the modem your ISP provided to the router/firewall to ( most commonly) a network switch/hub and then to the equipment inside your network (including wireless access points). This will protect your wireless connection by making it harder for people to gain access to or through your router. Our experienced technicians can conduct a no-obligation network inspection to assess the security of your system and provide recommendations on how to protect it. (oh yes, that was a shameless self-promoting plug!) Here are some benefits of contacting ACS:

- Network Access Control solutions tailored to meet specific needs

- Security protocols in place to safeguard against unauthorized access

- Review your current Firewalls/routers configuration, then, if necessary, help purchase, Install, update, configure, and change the default password - all to enhance your WI-FI and internet security.

Protect Access to your WI-FI with a WPA3 (or at least a WPA2) encryption and change the default password!

In addition to using a strong password, you should consider using WPA3 or, at the very least, WPA2 security. This means data sent over your network will be encrypted and less vulnerable to hackers. Network Access Control (NAC) - often in the form of MAC Address filtering - is another recommended security measure that can help protect your WI-FI by helping to prevent unknown devices from connecting to your network.

To further enhance your WI-FI security, ensure all firewall, antivirus, and other essential network security measures are up to date and functioning correctly. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your network, such as unusual traffic or unfamiliar IP addresses. Suppose you suspect anything fishy is going on with your wireless connection. In that case, you must reach out to someone (Absolute Computer Systems, for example) capable of reviewing what is happening and, if necessary, helping you with corrective action.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

To combat the risk of being hacked due to weak, lost, compromised, or ?? passwords, you should strongly consider enabling Two Factor Authentication (also known as MFA) on all Wi-Fi connections. Using two-factor authentication means that anyone attempting to use your WI-FI must provide two separate pieces of information. The first piece is usually a predetermined password or personal identification number. The second piece can involve using an authenticator application installed on a cell phone. With this form of authentication, the cell phone of the person trying to access the network would receive a unique one-time use token that would only be good for a specific period. This 'next level' authentication process is ultimately a much better way to protect wireless networks because while it is not impossible to break through, it is appreciably more difficult.

Regularly update security software and firmware.

The bad guys out there (along with their friends, neighbors, and relatives) do not rest, not now, not ever. So with that in mind, you need to check your router monthly (like a religion!), look for firmware updates (they are free from the manufacturer of the router), and download, install, and configure them as the instructions tell you to (make sure you back up the current firmware just in case there is a problem with the new one.

Additionally, most (if not all) reputable commercial-grade routers come with something called a 'comprehensive gateway security suite' or words like that. This is again a piece of the security puzzle that needs to be in place, updated, and operational (and NO, you cannot trust that that happens automatically)

Alternatively, this whole process is one of the items included in our ongoing monthly maintenance/service package - Just sayin 🙂 262-942-8572

Disable Guest Access

If possible, you should disable or, at the very least, severely limit and enhance the security of any guest WI-FI network you may have. If it is not strictly essential to the operation of your business, it should NOT be there.

Please note that even though most newer / more modern routers offer the option to disable the guest Wi-Fi, in some devices, that option is still enabled by default, which can mean that whenever / if ever the router loses and then regains power (reboots) that option is re-enabled.

By allowing guests access to your router through a simple browser page, you let hackers access your internet connection, and smart ones can figure out a way to reverse engineer their way back over and into your private network - not a good thing!

In conclusion

Securing your Wi-Fi connection is critical to protect the sensitive data stored on your network. Following the steps outlined above and regularly updating security software and firmware, you can significantly reduce the risk of being hacked due to weak passwords or unfamiliar IP addresses. Furthermore, you must disable guest access if not essential for business operations, as this could leave your private network vulnerable. If these concepts sound daunting or overwhelming, our team at Absolute Computer Systems is here to help! We provide monthly maintenance packages that include all of these necessary security components - reach out today so we can get started protecting your wireless networks from malicious attacks.

Here all of this is on a (really long) bumper sticker.

Securing your office network takes a bit of planning, a bit of time, and a considerable amount of consistency, but it is a critical piece of your 'keep hackers out of my network' puzzle.

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