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Protect Your Investments, Infrastructure, & Data with Cybersecurity Services in Kenosha, WI

You expect your cybersecurity company to detect cyber threats and prevent cyber attacks. But what if you want more? Like a chief information security officer at your service, rapid incident response, and management services you can rely on? Cybersecurity is a multi-faceted, ever-changing, “endless, glamourless, thankless job that’s got to be done.” (All due respect to Sgt. Joe Friday.) So, we’ll get it done with our all-encompassing cybersecurity services in Kenosha,  WI. 

Cybersecurity—90% in the Background

A complete 90% of the work done by Absolute Computer Systems is performed silently and continuously in the background. In other words, you don’t know it’s being done, but it’s keeping you safe. This includes things like router configurations and updates, a full-featured SOC & SIEM, zero trust, and ring-fencing—to name a few.

The other 10%? That’s multi-factor authentication, ongoing end-user training, and similar measures.

Together, that’s 100% coverage to promote business continuity with intelligent cybersecurity solutions.

If that sounds like something that would help you sleep at night, connect with us today.

Protect What Matters Most with Top Cybersecurity Services

What does a cybersecurity threat look like?

It’s a virus, worm, trojan, bot, malware, or ransomware attack initiated by untrained end users or (arguably the worst of all) malicious hackers who can be external or internal (yes, we’ve seen that too).

It’s a data breach that compromises your and your clients, customers, employees, family, and friends’ sensitive information. Anything stored on your network is at risk.

It’s a targeted attack that damages or destroys your infrastructure equipment.

All of this and more can be prevented with proactive threat intelligence, application security, cloud security, risk management, staff training, and more.

Use Proactive, Global Computer Security Service to Protect Your Network

There is no silver bullet—no ‘one thing’ can be done to protect your network. It is, instead, an ever-changing, color-shifting, floating 3-D jigsaw puzzle of pieces that routinely change.  When the hackers figure their way past one piece of protection, that piece then needs to be replaced by a newer, better, faster solution.

To solve these cybersecurity challenges and ensure a robust computer security service, Absolute Computer Systems does the following:

  • Install a Fortinet Router with Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite: The router’s job is to accept a signal from your modem/internet service provider and make that signal available to your network. It also allows or denies individual computers from accessing the internet. This means that if someone were to come into your office with a device, they would not be able to access the internet through that router.

    This is your network’s first line of defense. It prevents any computer in another country from seeing that your network exists (if they don’t know you’re there, they have a harder time breaking in). In short, it stops unauthorized access to your network by anyone who does not know the secret handshake.
  • Provide a 24x7x365 S.O.C. (Security Operations Center):  This is a Security Service watching over your entire network. It looks not only for viruses, worms, trojans, bots, and or rootkits (bad stuff), but it also (and more importantly because there are new viruses every day) looks for software code that’s acting strangely. Then it takes action to stop it until one of us can look at, research, and confirm that what is happening is okay.
  • Provide Allow Listing:  This prevents programs from doing things they are not explicitly allowed to do or aren’t supposed to do. It stops malicious code from accessing your operating system and sending critical information to Uzbekistan.
  • Back Up with M.D.R. (Managed Detection and Response) Service:  The S.O.C. (which recognizes the potential for a problem) is backed up by an MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service, which does just what it says. It responds to the threat that the S.O.C. detected. In short, this is where humans become proactively involved with the threat. They assess the threat, immediately stop it, and then determine a course of action.
  • Limit with Ring Fencing:  When an application is limited in what it can do while running, parameters are set, and potential damage is controlled.
  • Install Storage Control:  This is the gatekeeper for access to your data. Storage Control says things like, Hmmmm the receptionist’s computer should not be accessing your accounting files and stops that system from doing that. Then it asks us if it’s okay. We’ll say, “No, it’s 2:30 a.m. Lock down the network. Something is wrong or not allowing any but one computer to access either of the backed-up copies of your data.”
  • Install Microsoft Defender:  Just another layer of protection—but arguably, a really good one.
  • Deliver End-User Training:  You’ll get access to a comprehensive online training platform to help train employees (new and old, receptionist to owner) about cybersecurity.

What Do Absolute Clients Have to Say About Our Cybersecurity Services?

The Absolute Computer Systems team doesn’t just deliver IT services, we deliver peace of mind.

How do our customers feel about our cybersecurity services? Let’s see.

Responsive and professional, and they get the job done immediately

My company has been working with Absolute Computer Systems for over five years. I can always count on them to fix any computer or related issues. They are responsive and professional, and they get the job done immediately. I highly recommend them!

Adriana Neave, President
Neave Accounting & Insurance, LLC

I highly recommend Absolute Computer Systems.

Absolute Computer Systems has looked after my small business and personal computers for over ten years. I can call with a problem; someone is dialed in remotely, usually while I am still on the call. If they can’t fix it remotely, they are in my office within an hour to diagnose the issue, and I am back up and running with minimal downtime. The staff is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Absolute Computer Systems.

Judy Busche, President
Judy Busche LLC

They regularly exceed my (admittedly small but, to me, really important) expectations.

Absolute Computer Systems has been my one and only go-to Computer Sales Service and Repair Shop for over a decade. Their exceptional service and expertise repeatedly earn my trust and confidence whenever we call for help. Whether it is quickly fixing user errors or managing my hardware, software, and phones (and COMCAST!), they are the best in the business. I highly endorse Absolute Computer Systems, and the people who work there have never let us down.

Don Miller, Owner
Mike More Miles

Armor Up Your Business With Managed Cybersecurity Services in Wisconsin

Still worrying about data breaches? Or maybe you’ve been dealing with those annoying phishing emails and malware attacks for a while now. With all these cybersecurity challenges, the text work can feel like a minefield of threats. As an all-in-one cybersecurity services provider, we’re here to address your usual problems and more!

Cyber threats are no joke! So if you’re looking for a cybersecurity company in Wisconsin, reach out to Absolute Computer Systems today. With us on your side, you can sleep easy knowing that your business is safe and sound. 

The Questions Our Cyber Security Services Company Get Most Often

Cybersecurity can feel like a dark, mysterious world. And it is! We’re out here fighting bad guys with weapons that most business owners don’t know about (or don’t want to know about).

As a trusted cyber security services company, we’re here to demystify things and give you the lowdown on keeping your business safe. Maybe one of these answers will help you.

Short answer – That is not necessarily the very best question to ask. The threats we (as end-users, business and personal) face far exceed the ability of any single anti-virus available on the market. Is Anti-Virus important? YES. Is Anti-Virus THE answer? Not even maybe. It must be coupled with a good router, a strong (yes, more potent than your dog’s name and daughter’s birthday combined) set of passwords (router access / Wireless access/computer access, etc.,) and a nearly maniacal obsession with keeping everything up to date (windows, drivers, router firmware, third party (acrobat, etc.,) software. You take those steps (and others), and you’ll stand a fighting chance of not having your personal information stolen and used against you or sold on the dark web.

In our opinion, no. They (Your ISP (Spectrum / AT&T / TDS etc.,)) provide routers that are generally very limited in their capacity to prevent intrusion (Hackers), filter the ever-growing list of fraudulent and unwanted websites, and be upgraded (without direct assistance of the ISP – and they will rarely tell you when you need one). However, for a minimal investment (not more than $300 max), you can pick up a very nice, secure, and stable router.

IT security protects information technology systems—stuff like physical hardware, installed software, and all your ‘in-house’ data/information from unauthorized access, theft, or damage. On the other hand, cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected (external) systems, including computers, networks, and data, from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

IT security includes a broader range of technologies and practices, including firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, AUPs, and Antimalware software (among many others). Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is explicitly focused on protecting internet-connected systems and is, therefore, more comprehensive – covering various areas such as network security, application security, cloud security, and identity and access management.

In short, IT security aims to ensure and assure your internal systems’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability. At the same time, cybersecurity aims to protect internet-connected systems and the information they store and transmit from threats, such as cyber-attacks, malware, and data breaches. IT security and cybersecurity are crucial for organizations to maintain their customers’ trust and safeguard their operations. However, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as organizations adopt digital technologies.

Make Absolute Computer Systems Your Cybersecurity Company

Are you ready to have a conversation about data centers, cloud-based software, email security, mobile device security, or the protection of your supply chain business from cyber-attacks?

Or would you simply like your business and its data to be more secure?

Security solutions are our business, and we’ll deliver the cybersecurity measures that accomplish the most for you. Let’s talk about network security and security platforms today! Or we’ll talk about the weather while our IT technicians fight the bad guys in the background.