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Be Certain with Cloud Data Backup from Absolute Computer Systems

Picture it: You’re wearing a belt and suspenders to hold up your pants. You can be pretty sure you won’t have a wardrobe malfunction, right? Now imagine that someone is walking behind you with a finger in a belt loop just to be sure. That’s how we view cloud data backup and recovery. Even though one backup service might be enough—that’s not enough for our clients. You deserve to know, without fail, that your data will be available no matter what.

Choosing Data Backup and Recovery Solutions that Work for You

When you work with us to establish trustworthy data backup and recovery solutions, you can rest assured that we will never settle for just one line of defense. For instance, in your office, all workstations will be saving their data on your local server in the utility room. That same data will also be encrypted and transferred to our remote servers.

Sounds good to you? It’s not good enough for us.

We’ll also provide additional hard drives inside your server (as needed) at no extra cost. These are called mirrors of your data. They are secondary hard drives housing the same information as the primary drives. The intent is that should something happen to the primary drive, we can simply turn it off, reassign the secondary as the primary, and it’s on to business as usual.

These are the data safeguards you can expect from the Absolute Computer Systems team. Let’s book a consultation so we can learn more about your business, your current storage capacity, recovery point and time objectives, your operating system, and more.

What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster might sound like a strong word. But if a hacker breaks in and holds your data hostage, or if a power outage causes a data loss, what else would you call it?

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, which includes considerations like the amount of data you’re storing, the backup software you’re using, the amount of backup storage you have, how copies of your data can be accessed, how quickly they can be accessed, and more.

When we’re your backup administrator, we’ll make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place—so you’ll never have to wonder what if?

How Do Our Clients Feel About Our Data Backup and Recovery Services in Wisconsin?

You want to know your data is being saved so that nothing’s ever lost. We love it when we never have to prove that we have your data backed up. However, sometimes disaster strikes. And when it does, our clients know we have their backs with our data backup and recovery services.

Tom and his techs have been a godsend for me.

ACS has always been responsive to my backup needs and has helped me overcome several windows and hardware-related problems. I cannot use my hands, and Tom and his techs have been a godsend for me. Smart, courteous, and most helpful.

David Allard

I truly appreciated the peace of mind.

I have used ACS for years. I have had them for all of my business computer and networking needs. We had a dual hard drive failure about two years ago, and our backups were corrupted. Tom and his team were able to save and restore our primary customer and financial databases, saving us thousands of dollars and possibly our business. They have always been there for whatever the need has been. They are my first call if I am ever in need of anything they might carry or service. I can’t thank them enough for the peace of mind they give my wife and me for everything they do for us and our business. They keep us up-to-date and moving forward. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional service. Thank you, Tom and ACS!

Bruce Marcquenski, Owner
Kenosha Turf Equipment | Snap Fitness Kenosha

Best IT Service Provider I have ever worked with

I can honestly say that Absolute Computer Systems is the single best IT Service Provider I have ever worked with. Their response times are excellent; the employees know what they are doing, pay attention to details, ask questions, AND listen.

Chuck Snowdy, General Manager
Jensen’s Plumbing and Heating

Finding the Right Provider of Data Backup Storage For Your Business in Kenosha, WI

Wondering why businesses like yours choose us for data backup storage? It’s simple: we offer more than just a place to store your data – we offer peace of mind. With our robust data backup for business services, you’ll never have to worry about losing important files or customer information again.

Plus, our expert team is always here to support you every step of the way, so you’ll get the assistance you need, when you need it. Don’t settle for anything less! Choose Absolute Computer Systems and protect your business data with confidence.

Let’s Cover Some Data Backup Questions

Data backup is a hot topic of discussion. That’s because it’s so important to business continuity. Let’s see how many of your questions we can answer here (based on those most commonly asked). Then get in touch with us so we can answer even more.

Cloud storage and cloud-based computing keep remote operations in business, and they reduce the need for onsite data storage. In many cases, we find that cloud storage service is the way to go. Whether cloud backup is the best choice for you depends on several factors, such as your data storage requirements, security needs, budget, and other considerations.

No, differential and incremental backups are not the same. Differential backups take a “snapshot” of the files that have changed since the last full backup was taken. It stores only the changed information, and it does not delete any of the previous data. By taking a snapshot of the changes, it allows the system to restore the data quickly.

Incremental backups, however, save only the changes that have occurred since the last incremental backup was taken. Any files that were not changed since the last backup will not be backed up. This makes it more efficient, as it reduces the amount of data that needs to be backed up, but it also makes the restore process more difficult, as it requires additional steps to restore all of the changes.

Critical data is the most important data that needs to be backed up in order to keep your business running. This data can include financial information, customer records, client data, and other sensitive and confidential information that your team needs to function. Backing up critical data ensures that it can be recovered in the event of a security breach, hardware failure, or natural disaster.

We ensure our clients have BOTH an onsite (for speed of recovery (for more minor needs, e.g., a file was mistakenly deleted, etc.) AND an offsite (used in the event of a more significant disaster, e.g., building fire, server theft, etc.)) backup system in place, operational (running at the very least daily), and tested (a minimum of once a month)—as well as a disaster recovery plan to be used in the event of the unthinkable. Side Note: We STRONGLY encourage our clients not to use USB Keys or tape backups because they are notoriously unreliable.

We perform a monthly “fire drill” and perform a test restore from backup for our clients to ensure their data CAN be recovered in an emergency. The very WORST time to “test” a backup is when you desperately need it.

We do, and would not even consider skipping this step—it is a precaution in case a hardware failure or software glitch causes a significant problem. Mistakes are NOT okay.

All of our clients receive a customized, easy-to-understand technology disaster recovery plan. We encourage them to have a full disaster recovery plan for their entire company/office, but at a minimum, their network will be covered should something happen.

There are many different approaches to backing up data and disaster recovery; however, only one strategy is the best choice for your business.

Let Absolute Computer Systems be your partner in data backup and recovery so you can focus on your business.