With our network support and IT management services, we use technology to increase profitability and productivity for businesses in - instead of it being a constant problem that costs you time and money. . .

"We have been working with Frank Ballatore and NECG for nearly ten years now. Among the many factors that have contributed to this successful relationship is the fact that NECG takes the time to understand your business needs first before recommending the technology solutions. This results in positive advances at an affordable price. We highly recommend the use of NECG for any and all of your technology solutions."

Laurence J. Hope
Cardinal Mortgage Corp.

Technology is a double-edged sword: it can bring about more efficiency, success, and profitability for your company - or it can present even more problems and chip away at your resources. As a result, companies throughout depend on our expertise in the installation and computer network technology support that runs their businesses.


  • Fully consider your business, budget and expectations - and give you the IT services you want, NOT what we want.
  • Provide expert computer support - that prevents potential down time and data loss disasters from happening instead of reacting to the fire.
  • Back up all that we recommend - by promising 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

Come on and give us a try.