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Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Old IT Equipment, New Purpose

Are you a business owner or professional (or a regular everyday person ( yes, we can and proudly do help you, folks, too)) living and working in the southeastern Wisconsin and Lake County, Illinois area overwhelmed with an accumulation of computer equipment taking up valuable workspace, storage space or just being an ugly pile in your basement? If so, recycling your old computer equipment might be the perfect solution. Not only does it help reduce clutter in your office space, but there are many other benefits to properly disposing of outdated technology.

And If you are looking for effective ways to reclaim space, stay organized, or just generally clean the place up while reducing costs associated with offloading unused tech gear – keep reading!

To Upgrade, Donate or Recycle Used Computers & Peripherals That is the Question

Old and used computers and their associated peripherals don’t have to end up in a landfill. Every one of the materials those things are made of can be recycled or repurposed for other uses. There are several ways to make the most of these materials and give them a second life. Some of the best ways we have found (with their pluses and minuses) are listed below.

Repurposing / Renewing Old Computers & Components

Repurposing old computers is an excellent option for extending their computing power without breaking the bank. By taking apart an old desktop computer and meticulously cleaning each component—including cables, motherboards, processors, hard drives, etc.—you can essentially breathe new/longer life into that system (it will always be what it is, but as everyone knows a clean car with an oil change always runs better 😊) This would also be the perfect time to see if the system would benefit from additional RAM ( Random Access Memory) or possibly a larger static hard drive (ridiculously faster than the old ‘spinner’ models). A newer, faster video card and possibly a power supply upgrade would likely answer if you are doing graphic work. In this case, either of these options could easily save you from purchasing a new system (oh, and they, would likely generate some IT-related recyclable materials – which is what we are talking about! (I know, I know, back to the topic already!) – Seriously though, this updating/upgrading process could easily provide you with a faster, stronger, (appreciably more powerful) workstation for a few hundred dollars (at the most) versus $1000+ for a new one.

As a side note, Absolute Computer Systems offers a free, no-obligation estimate for this entire process. Then, should you decide to move forward with that plan, we can and would be happy to recycle your used, no longer needed parts (free of charge). If you opt for a new system we can migrate all of your data, update your new system and STILL recycle your no longer needed/used parts. (Also, free of charge!)

Donating Working Systems

This can be tricky but still a very rewarding and overall excellent path to go down. For example, suppose you have a (or even a few) working systems that you no longer want, need, or use. (We worked with one doctor’s office that had 37 old retired unused (and unusable) workstations, associated monitors and printers, etc., in a closet. He only called us in because he needed room for paper files). Well, if you do, then considering the “donation path” and giving them to local schools, charities, or non-profits (Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul, etc.) who could benefit from having access to potentially better / newer / faster technology really is an excellent way to go HOWEVER. First, you need to know and remember and consider (this is important) is that unless you’ve either personally (or had done professionally) performed a DOD-level wipe on your hard drive, whomever you give that system can retrieve your data (pictures, letters, emails, chats, etc., (I’m sure you get the picture here)). I am not saying they would, but I am saying there is a chance, and you might do best not to roll those dice. RULE OF THUMB – if what you are donating does or even if it could have information, have it wiped clean. The same goes for just throwing it away – you would be surprised at what can be recovered (with minimal effort) from old broken computers people throw on the curb. And before you ask, YES, Absolute Computer Systems offers both a professional DOD-level wipe of your hard drive, AND we provide a ‘COD’ certificate of destruction which includes the drive serial number as an extra layer of protection for you.

The second thing to be aware of is that many schools and charities will not accept these donations as they often have better stuff on hand. (Good Will, for example, stopped taking fat-back monitors because they were receiving flat ones, which were (understandably) more desirable). I’m only pointing this out to save you packing up your truck, showing up at Goodwill being rejected, and having to go home and unpack the damn thing.

We here at Absolute Computer Systems do not have any of those restrictions. So if you have something IT-related you want to be recycled, call and ask. We can usually tell pretty quickly if they’ll take it; if not, you can bring it to us, and we will take care of it.

Recycling Unusable Materials

If your system (computer and its associated peripherals) is beyond economical repair (BER) (or, if you happen to be ex-military, the term is FUBAR), it may be time to strongly consider recycling them properly instead of storing them for another year or so, you know, just in case or worse yet, throwing them away.

We feel the best way to do this (prepare yourself, shameless self-promotion is coming next) is by contacting Absolute Computer Systems and having us take care of it for you. We specialize in responsibly breaking down electronic components into individual components, which we recycle to be reused (either in whole or in part). This plan of action (contacting us and letting us take care of it for you) not only can but will help reduce waste, help create jobs and generate revenue (which we spend in the community as well – obviously)

To bring all of this to a close – Recycling old computers and peripherals is one way both individuals and businesses can reduce their environmental footprint while helping others gain access to the technology they may not otherwise be able to afford. In addition, by repurposing salvageable parts into working machines or donating usable systems outright, you can ensure that your technology doesn’t go to waste while also giving back in the process! At Absolute Computer Systems, we understand, appreciate, and respect how crucial responsible tech disposal is. So please, reach out today if you’re interested in learning more about how we can recycle your outdated electronics!