Absolute Computer Systems offers Remote IT Service and Support with a myriad of excellent benefits for local business including:

  • Time and cost savings: One of the biggest advantages of our remote IT support is the time and cost savings it offers. Very often, instead of us having to physically send a technicians to you / on-site to fix problems, our vetted, stable and secure remote support software allows our technicians to troubleshoot and very commonly fix issues quickly, completely AND remotely, saving you the business owner or office manager both the financial cost of and time wasted waiting for the technician to travel to you.
  • Quick resolution: Touched on this in the previous point but thought it needed reiterating - With Absolute remote IT support, problems can be diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently. Using our ( again vetted, stable and secure ( that part is important ) remote support software, our technicians can access your user's workstation, see what is happening in real-time ( while talking to the end user to ensure we are fixing what they think is broken ) and provide guidance and support accordingly. This significantly speeds up the resolution process and helps get that employee back up and running as soon as possible, minimizing downtime / lost productivity and disruption.
  • Convenience: Our Absolute Remote IT support is convenient for both the you business owner ( and your employees) as well as for us. By using our Absolute Remote Support service you do not have to worry about coordinating on-site visits or waiting for technicians to arrive, and employees can get the technical assistance they need without having to leave their workstations. While we benefit by not having a technician sitting and staring at his ( or her ) windshield ( driving to you ). This results in us being able to help more clients faster - I am pretty sure that is the definition of ' WIN - WIN'.
  • Scalability: Absolute Remote IT support is highly scalable, meaning it can be easily adjusted to meet your business needs. As your  number of employees or devices increases or decreases, our IT support team can simply add or subtract instances of our Remote Management software thereby ensuring that you are not being billed for things you are not using while being more than adequately protected regards the things you are. This can be a huge advantage for businesses that are experiencing either rapid growth or a temporary ( often seasonal ) downshift.
  • Improved security: Absolute Remote IT support can also significantly improve your overall business security posture. A few of the IT Security benefits associated with allowing technicians to quickly access and remediate problems remotely:
    • Because they are not physically touching anything there at your office there is less possibility of an even accidental data breech.
    • Because they were able to do the work quickly and remotely our technicians ALWAYS take an extra minute and ensure your OS and third party software is up to date ( a more than significant percentage of data breeches are the result of just that - outdated operating system and or third party software ( Adobe Acrobat / Google Chrome etc.,) .
    • Because they are talking with the end user while they are effecting repairs, they can answer other question, discuss questionable emails, reiterate the need to NEVER plug in a USB key from any one / any where / EVER ( you know, simple stuff like that ).

Here it is on a bumper sticker: Absolute remote IT support offers a range of benefits for your business, including time and cost savings, quick resolution of problems, convenience, scalability, and improved security.

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