VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service is a type of phone service that uses the internet to make and receive calls, rather than traditional phone lines (P.O.T.S. (Plain Old Telephone System)). Some of the key benefits of converting from conventional POTS phone service to VoIP include::

  • Cost savings: One of the main advantages of VoIP phone service is its cost savings. Since VoIP uses the internet to transmit calls, it eliminates the need for traditional phone lines and long-distance charges. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses.
  • Flexibility: VoIP phone service is highly flexible and easily customized to meet your business needs. You can choose the features and benefits that best fit your needs, such as voicemail, conference calling, and call forwarding. VoIP also allows you to easily add or remove lines as needed, which can be a significant advantage if your business is experiencing rapid growth or temporary downsizing.
  • Improved communication: VoIP phone service can enhance communication within a business by allowing employees to make and receive calls from any location with an internet connection. This can be a significant advantage for companies with remote employees or multiple locations, as it allows for seamless communication regardless of location.
  • Scalability: VoIP phone service is highly scalable, meaning it can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of a growing business. As the number of employees or locations increases, the VoIP system can easily add more lines or capacity to meet the new demand. This can be a significant advantage for businesses experiencing rapid growth and needing to scale their phone system accordingly.
  • Advanced features: VoIP phone service also offers a range of advanced features that can help to improve efficiency and productivity. These features include voicemail to email, call routing, call recording, barging (listening in), and hotel service ('you are number xx in line), among many others. These features can be a significant advantage for businesses that want to streamline their communication processes and improve efficiency.

Here it is on a bumper sticker: converting from traditional POTS phone service to a VoIP phone system offers a range of benefits for businesses, including cost savings, flexibility, improved communication, scalability, and advanced features.

If your current phone system is not keeping up with the demands of your business, or if you find your company is missing calls, or worse yet, sales due to lacking functionality or features. A new business VoIP solution/telephone system from Absolute Computer Systems may be in order. Call us today, and let us help you make the right choice.