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What is a Cyber Security Analyst? Network’s Most Trusted Hero

What is a Cyber Security Analyst - Absolute Computer Systems

Most companies and organizations consider the Internet vital to their business. They can answer questions from customers, take calls, receive feedback or inquiries about their business all through their website. They can also get customer data online to process their orders and billings. 

There has been a significant rise in cyberattacks. Scammers and fraudsters have evolved, and they now use the Internet as well to confiscate people’s data. According to a 2023 study by Statista, network intrusion was the top cyberattack. A business-email compromise followed this and led to the inadvertent disclosure of data. 

Cybersecurity services are essential to averting these cyberattacks. Consult a cybersecurity services provider to learn more about fending off cyber criminals. They will protect your company’s data. 

Cybersecurity analysts are the ones that provide these services. Let us discuss them in detail. 

What is a Cyber Security Analyst?

A cybersecurity analyst is a skilled IT professional. Using various cybersecurity tools and know-how, they fight off cyber criminals. They plan ahead of time in preparation for cyber threats and cyber-attacks. They analyze your network and find weaknesses for possible malicious attempts. 

Most businesses and companies know the consequences of cyberattacks on compromising data. That’s why cybersecurity analysts and IT staff are part of their hiring process. Yet, they can also hire cybersecurity analysts from outside companies. These companies provide cybersecurity consulting services

What Does a Cyber Security Analyst Do?

A cybersecurity analyst has the following roles and duties:

  • Research the latest cyber threats and cyber-attacks. Also, find ways to counter them for the company.
  • Watch the organization’s network and data systems. Look for any data breaches or 
  • Find weak spots in the network. Devise plans to improve them. 
  • Conduct penetration testing. This tests the strength and effectiveness of security measures. It checks their ability to withstand cyberattacks. 
  • Investigate and report incidents. They may harm the organization’s data.
  • Install and configure appropriate tools and software to fight against attempted cybercrimes.
  • Train employees to be aware of cybersecurity. This will promote the best practices at work.
  • Develop and enforce specific policies and protocols for cybersecurity in the organization.

What Skills Do I Equip Myself to be a Cyber Security Analyst?

You are a cybersecurity analyst. You do not want viruses or malware to destroy your company. All businesses should have measures to protect against viruses or malware. It includes the skills and traits you need. Integrate them into your operating system.

  • Skill in cloud security platforms. This will help with different cloud environments. These include Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. 
  • Outstanding knowledge of security tools. Like a soldier, you must also equip yourself with various weapons. You must have skills in setting up security tools. These include antivirus software, SIEM, EDR, and IDS/IPS. 
  • Solid understanding of encryption and decryption practices
  • Awareness of several coding languages. This includes knowledge of PowerShell, Java, C+, Python, and many more. 
  • Excellent delegation and project management skills. A good cybersecurity analyst is also a great leader of a team. This is to build a solid defense against cyber-attackers.
  • Knowledgeable about the cyber industry’s laws and regulations. 
  • Time management skills. Able to submit projects and expected outputs ahead of time. Able to juggle many projects. 
  • Adaptability to different situations. A good cybersecurity analyst must be adept at spotting network problems. Then, they can fix them with zero to small risks. 
  • Calm under duress. An experienced cybersecurity analyst does not let any attack faze them. They perform well during security incidents. 
  • Effective communication and reporting. 

I Want To Be A Cyber Security Analyst, How Do I Become One?

  1. Graduate from a computer science or any related degree program. This will help you gain cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and attitude. 
  2. Get extra certifications to increase your credibility and education. CompTIA Security + offers several different certifications. This will help improve your skills. 
  3. Connect with fellow IT and cybersecurity professionals. You can build connections at your company. You may also attend seminars. Exchanging ideas on the best cybersecurity practices will also increase your knowledge. 
  4. Gain hands-on experience. You may gain relevant experience by working in the industry for several years. You can also gain it by participating in several freelancing projects. Even joining coding competitions, which have become more prominent, can help. 
  5. Seek cybersecurity employment. Once you feel you have done enough, you may seek cybersecurity jobs. There are many options, whether for companies or cybersecurity service providers. 
  6. Prepare for a cybersecurity job interview.  Highlight all the skills and expertise that qualify you. Build a portfolio of your projects. Emphasize your certifications. 

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