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What is Cyber Security: All You Need to Know

What is Cyber Security - Absolute Computer Systems

In today’s digital age, people’s lives are very much connected and dependent upon technology. We need cybersecurity services to protect our computer systems and digital assets. Cyber threats are costly to fix and hurt the economy. A cyber attack can come in various forms from unauthorized access, network attacks, and even data breaches.

What is Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is like adding locks on the doors and windows of your home for extra protection. You set the alarms and will be alerted of a possible break-in. Cybersecurity is all about the technologies and methods to protect our computer systems. It makes our digital defense strong. The services include varieties of exercises. Including risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, incident response, and ongoing monitoring.

Cybersecurity services helps businesses and organizations. It allows for predicting and preventing threats from damaging your systems.

Importance of Cyber Security

In the present day, we use technology for almost everything we do. We often buy our clothes, household tools, gifts and do our banking online. We fill out digital forms and give out personal information. We even store all of our personal photos and documents on our phones. This exposes us to the threat of cyber-attacks which can have severe effects.

  • A cyberattack may lead to the leaking of your confidential information: Personal information like passwords, credit card numbers, and even medical records. Identity theft can happen. It might cause you to lose your money and ruin your reputation.
  • Prevents business conflicts: Today, the majority of businesses use computer systems. An internet attack can bring down an entire system. When it happens, it can affect the business and its processes. It may also cause financial loss and damage to reputation.
  • Safeguard critical infrastructure: Cyber attacks can lead to the failure of important organizations. An attack can bring down power grids and transportation networks and cause trouble. This can affect many organizations. This may also cause problems and hamper many functions.

Common Cybersecurity Threats

Cybercriminals are always innovative in their means of targeting our systems.

  1. Malware: This is malicious software. Hackers can place the software on your computer without your knowledge. It might take all your valuable information and damage your system.
  2. Phishing: It is a social engineering attack. Cybercriminals are trying to make you disclose personal data and entice you to click on suspicious links. Spam email is one example of phishing. It uses legitimate-looking sources. Phishing can also be from your bank or credit card company.
  3. Ransomware: This is a new type of malware as it encrypts your data. It will render your information unreadable. The hackers will demand ransom money in exchange for the decryption of the data.
  4. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks: Attackers will weigh down a computer system. Then they will make it unavailable to legitimate users.

How To Get Protected Against Cyber Attacks?

There are many things you can do against cyber attacks:

  • Use of strong passwords is important and you should change them often.
  • Be vigilant while entering any data on websites.
  • In case you get an email or a link from an unknown person you should be careful.
  • Set up the security software and ensure to keep it up to date.
  • Always back up your data.
  • Conduct cybersecurity awareness training. This training will help you and your workers identify and avoid cyber threats.

What are Cybersecurity Services?

A cybersecurity services company or cybersecurity services provider offers a variety of services. Including:

  1. Penetration testing: Re-enacts a cyberattack scenario. It finds loopholes in your networks. 
  2. Vulnerability scanning: Experts do this by scanning your systems for known vulnerabilities
  3. Security awareness training: It hones their skills to detect and avoid cyber threats.
  4. Incident response: That means teaming up with you to prevent a cyberattack.

Let us Take Action to be Safe

Cybersecurity is a dynamic process that never stops. It is important to stay updated. Take cybersecurity measures to protect yourself, your family, and your properties.

  • Two-factor authentication: Passwords, even the strong ones, can be at risk of hacking. Also, phishing attacks, or simple guessing. 2FA is a reliable process for preventing unauthorized access. If the person stole your password, he would still need that second factor to get in. Software updating is a mandatory procedure. It would incorporate security updates that address a specific weakness.
  • Cautious in Downloading: Download the software only from reliable sources.
  • Use a firewall: It will stop unauthorized content from reaching your computer.

Customized Cybersecurity Service for Your Specific Needs

Are you looking for a way to secure your home network? Or do you want to improve the IT infrastructure of your business? Take action now to protect your business. You and your family will be safe from cybercrime risks.Reach out to us at Absolute Computer Systems in Kenosha, WI. Contact our support at (262) 942-8572. Or call our Emergency IT at (262) 806-0439. They can tell you more about our computer security service. Or you may send us a message here. We will help you create a digital setting that is safer and more secure for everyone.